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Becoming a Dealer
  • Greetings HVAC contractor.

    The new Smart Frog AC with Stand-By Generation and Solar Plug and Play is the product you have been hoping for. Finally after nearly 100 years, during which time SEERs were the only news, here is a new "residential" and "light commercial" product for HVAC dealers and their customers.

    Not just cold air, not just hot air, not just solar power and not just stand-by emergency power. Everything in one system. Plus the new Smart Frog electronic technology as well.

  • Benefits of Dealership
    • Year round sales and install cycle
    • Stand-by and Solar create motivation to buy now/upgrade
    • Marketing advantages of the Smart Frog AC "all in one" system
      • Stand-by emergency power, winter or summer, ice storm or hurricane or tornado
      • Price advantage
      • Patented blending technology improves energy efficiency and lowers electricity cost
      • The opportunity to take advantage of local electric provider programs, today and in the future.
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