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Multiple Patents

The Smart Frog is the Only Hybrid Residential AC System
(HVAC, Standby Generator and Solar Plug-in Play)
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Up to 23 SEER HVAC
Built-in 7-9KW Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Generator
4.5KW Plug & Play Solar Inverter
Smart Power Blending

The Smart Frog is a 23 SEER AC System
• Variable Speed Compressor Drive.
• Cooling capacity 2 - 5 ton unit.
• ABS Housing & Coated coils for longevity.
Variable Speed

The Smart Frog AC will provide your home with the next level of comfort. Coming equipped with a DC variable speed compressor drive the Smart Frog uses less energy than industry standard AC compressors.

2 - 5 Ton Cooling Capacity

The seasons change so naturally heating and cooling change with it. The Smart Frog has the ability to ramp up to a 5 ton system but only when necessary. This gives the system higher efficiency and will generate more cost savings.


The premium solution for corrosion protection. Great for extended coil life on the coast.


4.5KW Plug & Play Solar Inverter
Up to 23 SEER HVAC
Built-in 7-9KW Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Generator
Smart Power Blending
The Smart Frog is a Solar System
• 4.5KW Solar Inverter is built directly into the unit.
• Minimal solar infrastructure needed.
• Clean renewable source of power.
The Solar Inverter

The Smart Frog AC can connect to 4.5KW solar with a simple plug-in (4). AC GRID POWER (1) leads into the homes electrical panel (3). Solar Energy drawn from the sun is absorbed by the solar panels (2) and feeds into the Smart Frogs solar inverter. The solar inverter converts the DC solar power to AC and feeds back to the homes electrical panel.

Solar Infrastructure

Spending less on infrastructure and optimizing the savings. It's easy to install solar with the Smart Frog AC.


Built-in 7-9KW Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Generator
Up to 23 SEER HVAC
4.5KW Plug & Play Solar Inverter
Smart Power Blending
The Smart Frog has a Built-in Generator
• 7-9KW Back up power for your AC & home.
• User friendly interface.
• Natural Gas & Liquid Propane.
• Air Cooled.

The Smart Frog AC has a built-in 7-9KW standby generator (4) for protection against unexpected outages due to grid failure (1). In the event of an outage the 7-9KW power produced can be allocated to the homes air handlers, refrigeration and lights (2) using a transfer switch (3). This will keep food from spoiling, you wont need candles or flashlights and your home will comfortable until power can be restored.


The PGC-207 is the generator's controller. The friendly interface is easy to use. When in auto mode the controller will run on its own. The controller provides protection for the generator.


Natural Gas is very accessible and cheap. The unit has gas protection built in.


The generator has an advanced cooling system that allows it to function in the even the hottest areas.


Smart Power Blending
Up to 23 SEER HVAC
Built-in 7-9KW Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Generator
4.5KW Plug & Play Solar Inverter
The Smart Frog Can Blend Energy Sources
• Automatically uses the most available power sources for highest efficiency.
• Demand response enabled.
• Full communication with the Hx thermostat.

The Smart Frog’s blending module will prioritize the most efficient power source in real-time. For example, If the sun is providing enough solar power, solar is then prioritized over gird power. The unit is also enabled for demand response, if allowed by your state your utility provider can turn on your standby generator remotely & excess power brought back to the grid could lead to compensation.

Full Communication Package

The Smart Frog AC works with every AC coil, gas furnace and thermostat. With the Perfectly Green recommecnded full communication package you have access to realtime data 24/7 at your fingertips.

The Affinity modulating gas furnace has been designed to maintain your ideal temperature by modulating heating levels from 50% to 100% of capacity to match the precise degree of heating required. Comfort is dramatically increased as the furnace continuously adjusts its level of operation to offset the rate at which heat leaves your home.

A Modular variable speed ECM communicating air handler with long life aluminum coils built to deliver lasting performance efficiency and reliability.

The Hx Smart Touch Thermostat

Providing more data than you may require but your HVAC contractor will be in HVAC Heaven!

The Hx Tstat App
available for IOS and Android

Advanced features at your fingertips
like Geo-Fencing for ultimate
control of your systems when you leave your home

Perfectly Green History
The Perfectly Green Corp. ("PGC" or "Company") was founded in 2009 by Chief Executive Officer, Eric Barger. In that year he created the first prototype of its patented energy blending technology. Later that year The Perfectly Green Corp. was formed and in 2010, Perfectly Green® began further research, development and production.

Perfectly Green Corp’s energy solutions are on-site, Point-of-Use Generation®, Micro Power Generation® and air conditioning/standby generation systems.

PGC's revolutionary residential/light commercial unit, branded the Smart Frog AC, is an all in one high efficiency HVAC system (third-party rated by Intertek Testing Laboratories up to 23 SEER for the 5-ton unit) enclosed in a durable weather proof ABS plastic housing, with built-in 7-9KW standby generation, an inverter on-board allowing you to simply plug in up to 4.5KW of solar panels to generate your own electricity, and smart grid controls enabling the unit to function on-grid for typical power consumption, blended grid for solar users and off-grid in emergency power failure and demand response situations.

Through PGC's innovative and integrated technology, the Company plans to be the highest growth rate company in the combined residential/light commercial HVAC & standby generation industries over the next five years, leading a paradigm shift in the industry. Perfectly Green operates from a 20,682 square foot facility in Plano, TX where the administrative offices, the Smart Frog system assembly line and the components warehouse are located.


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